This is the Solidarity Contribution Calculator, SCC.

The end of all timewasting and complicated excel sheets.

All football clubs in the world, involved in international transfers with a transfer fee, can use the SCC.

It is based on FIFA jurisprudence and guidelines.

The SCC can also be used for national transfers with a transfer fee, in countries were the FIFA regulations concerning the solidarity mechanism has been implemented and with the same calculation rules.

How to use the SCC.

Fill in the minimum required information.

That means the start of the season of the players 12th birthday and the exact registrations dates for the clubs you wish to calculate for.

Then press the calculate solidarity contribution button.

The result will show in percent of the solidarity contribution, SC, and in percent of the transfer fee, TF.

Fill in the transfer fee and the amount due as solidarity contribution will show.

If there is a transfer between two clubs with different seasons you fill in the seasons for all clubs and the date of birth of the player, the SCC will then consider the FIFA jurisprudence for this special situation.

You can use the SCC for one club if you want to calculate just what is due to that club.

You can also use the SCC if you are the club responsible for the calculation and distribution to all clubs that has contributed to the training of the player. Just add as many clubs you like.

Note that it is crucial that the information that you put in is correct to rely on the result.

This information you will find in the official player passport.

Feel free to simulate different scenarios in the SCC.